The NEPPE training is aimed at foreign students, studying in fields related to broadly understood sport, with professional competences to plan and conduct classes in any form of physical activity. In the case of vacancies, we also invite all exercise professionals, who are not students, to apply for the training.

We invite you to read the recruitment regulations and apply for the March 2023 edition of the NEPPE training!
Recruitment regulations for the NEPPE training
The NEPPE Training Application form for the March 2023 edition
Assessment Form for Conducting Pro-health Exercise Session

Date schedule

We invite you to apply to participate in the third edition of the training, which will take place from March 3 to March 31, 2023.

Deadline for applying for participation in the training: January 31, 2023;

Online interview: between January 16 and February 15, 2023;

Publication of recruitment results: by February 20, 2023;.

Start of the training: March 3, 2023;

End of the training: March 31, 2023.

There are planned three editions of the NEPPE training:
May 2022
November 2022
March 2023