The NEPPE project responds to the significant need to prepare specialised personnel for remote exercise for pregnant and postpartum women. Regular exercise is a prerequisite for the health of expectant mothers and their children. Unfortunately, in many countries, exercise professionals have clear competency gaps in this area and women in the perinatal period are not active enough. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem has worsened, partly as a result of limited access to recreational services and social contacts. Therefore, the main goal of this project is to develop and implement a new education programme that meets the above needs.  

When creating the Intensive International Education Programme (Intensywny Międzynarodowy Program Kształcenia or IMPK) – NEPPE, we rely, inter alia, on the European professional qualifications ‘Exercise in Pregnancy’ and ‘Exercise in Postpartum’, developed by the international trade organisation EuropeActive (2021). We also use the latest recommendations, scientific and practical achievements in the area of perinatal exercises. The key element is the incorporation into the programme of the new international sector qualification ‘Online provision of fitness services’.