International Competency Questionnaire for Exercise in Pregnancy and Postpartum

We kindly invite you to complete the following questionnaire. Your views will be used for research purposes, to define knowledge and attitudes in the field of pregnancy and postpartum exercise in different countries. They will also be used to develop training programs for instructors and trainers, health workers providing obstetric care, as well as information and educational materials for pregnant and postpartum individuals. We will be very grateful for honest answers and your time.

Specify your responder group and complete appropriate questionnaire:

  • Complete Questionnaire No.1  for exercise professionals (instructors, trainers, exercise specialists, exercise physiologists, coaches of various forms of physical activity or competitive sports) and physiotherapists, who plan and conduct health-enhancing exercise for pregnant and postpartum clients.
  • Complete Questionnaire No. 2  for health and obstetric care providers (doctors, midwives, nurses) – the questionnaire will be available soon.
  • Complete Questionnaire No.3  for individuals who are or were pregnant – the questionnaire will be available soon.