The third edition of the NEPPE training (3-31, March 2023)

We just closed the recruitment process to the third edition of the NEPPE training! The classes will be held by internationally recognized scientists and practitioners from around the world!

The training schedule

The second edition of the NEPPE training has been completed in December 2022.
60 training participants took part in the classes implemented by 25 experts from various countries from around the world: We had representatives from: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Ethiopia, Greece, Spain, Canada, Iran, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, the United States and Great Britain.
Completed programme

We received a lot of very positive feedback from our participants. Some examples:
“Excellent is the lowest rating this seminar could receive… (Greek)”
“Thank you for the most awesome course I have ever done!… (South Africa)”
“NEPPE was the most positive event in my professional development, and I enjoy everything related to it… (Poland)”
“Thank you for the fantastic course provided, and for the generous sharing of knowledge in this second edition of the NEPPE training…(Portugal)”
Thank you very much:)!

The first edition of the NEPPE training has been completed
In May, the first edition of the NEPPE training took place! We recruited over 50 participants from 14 countries. We have representatives from Austria, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Greece, Iran, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Great Britain and the USA.
Completed programme

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General information

The NEPPE training includes 150 teaching hours (including theoretical and practical classes). One teaching hour is 45 minutes.

Classes are conducted in English remotely via the Teams application.

The NEPPE training is implemented intensively for a month continuously: 4-5 teaching hours on weekdays in the afternoon (14:00 – 19:00 CET) and 7-8 teaching hours on weekends (10:00 – 19:00 CET).

As part of 150 teaching hours, time is planned for independent, individual work of participants under the supervision of tutors.

Classes are recorded, so in case of absence, participants will be able to catch up the material at a convenient time.

Participants who pass the theoretical exam receive a certificate of completion of the training. In addition, if they also pass the practical part (implemented fully online), they will obtain the qualification “Pregnancy and postpartum exercises” (EQF level 4), in accordance with the international EuropeActive standards.

How to complete the NEPPE training?

See the final tasks and assessment criteria

Participation in the NEPPE training is free