Laura Dabasinskiene: In 2013 studied in Lithuanain Health of Scienes University and got bachalor degree in Obsetrics, worked as obstetrician for 2 years in one of the biggest hospital in our capital of Lithuania. During this period studied science of sports, there began her  master investigation and investigated physical activity and factors that influence postpartum women‘s body changes, mental health and wellness. Apart from these things deepend theoretical and practical knowlegde in pre- and post-partum women training. In 2017 finished Lithuanain sports university and got master‘s degree in Sports. During that period had born wellness iniciative called „Mano MAMA juda“ ( my mother moves) that combines beginning of an active pregnancy with continuity of happy and active motherhood. Since 2016 Laura began organising exercise classes for pregnant and postpartum women. As a midwife and trainer Laura educates women in theoretical and practical classes about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, activity pre- and postpartum. She is interested in continuity from the period of pregnancy till happy and active motherhood. This year Laura had her second childbirth and from the beginning of her second pregancy till know she doesnt stop moving and brings together the community of sports moms in small town of Lithuania. Now she has big opportunity to do some sports as a mom with her babygirl and work s a coach with postpartum women. Also together with a local public health office it runs a cycle of classes for postpartum women which purpose is to reduce the risk of postpartum depression. It includes physical activity classes with infants, women’s relaxation and exercising in the water, a psychologist’s lecture and consultation, communication and time with mothers. In this project of NEEPE, as a midwife, as a personal trainer and as a mom, Laura will share with you some  practical recommendations for exercising with infant.

All these things are Laura‘ hobby, her main job is as police officer in Jurbarkas.