prof. Xian Guo, Beijing Sport University, China

Xian Guo (Jun. 1986) 

Ph.D., Associate professor, Sport Science School, Beijing Sport University 

Research Projects 

My team has been working in physical activity and sports nutrition in pregnant and postpartum women for about 6 years. In 2018, we have done a research program about physical activity and nutrition intervention in pregnant women with GDM. The project aimed to apply the appropriate exercise and nutrition advice to GDM pregnant women. In 2018, I also had published a class on internet to share with those women who had mixed urinary incontinence about how to do pelvic floor muscle training and to release the symptoms of stress or mixed urinary incontinence after giving birth of the baby. Until September 28 of 2021, the videos have been viewed and learned by more than 36,000 people in China. This year in 2021, my team works under the auspices of Beijing Sport University to find out the effect of 12-week rumba dance intervention of postpartum women under stress or mixed urinary incontinence after childbirth.  

Published Papers 

Time Title Journal 
2020.11 Research of exercise therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 
2016.12 The Early Warning Indexes in Exercise Related Cardiovasular Risk Journal of Beijing Sport University 
2016.10 The effect of aerobic exercise on the cardiac structure change in middle-aged women. The Conference of Sports Biochemistry and Physiology 
2015.6 The Early Warming and Cardiovascular Risk during Exercise Chinese Journal of Sports Medicine 
2014.7 Associations of Physical Activity with Cardiovascular Risk in 40 to 49 Years Old College Women Teachers Journal of Tianjin University of Sport 

The links to the courses about exercise prescription recommendations about pregnancy and postpartum published in China