prof. Miguel Angel Oviedo Caro, the University of Seville, Hiszpania

International PhD in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, obtaining the Cum Laude grade and the extraordinary doctorate award, from the University Pablo de Olavide of Seville. Professor at Department of Physical Education and Sports from Faculty of Educational Sciences from the University of Seville. Research at the research groups “Physical Activity, Health and Sport CTS-948”  from University Pablo de Olavide and “Human Movement B-62” from University of Zaragoza. Author of 20 research papers on scientific journals indexed on the Journal Citation Reports (nine of them in the Q1), and 9 book chapters indexed on the Scholarly Publisher Indicators. Coordinator of the research project “The PregnActive project” aimed to study the lifestyle throughout pregnancy and its effect on pregnant women’s physical and psychosocial health. The novel contributions of this research project are the objective evaluation of lifestyle during pregnancy, the application of novel methodological approach to analyses the 24-hours activity behaviors, and the transcultural adaptation and validation of instruments to evaluate physical activity, sedentary behavior and pregnancy symptoms. Member of the research team in 4 research projects funded in public call.  Reviewer in international scientific journal indexed on the Journal Citation Reports. Obtaining research awards from  Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Valladolid, Simph Medical Fitness, and Feafes Huelva.