Name: Yu Hongli, graduated from Chengdu Sports University, and worked as a teacher at Chengdu Sport University from 2019 to 2020. Currently, working in public primary school in China and  also as a PhD student at the Gdansk University of Sport in Poland. The main research directions are digital health and pregnancy activity. The current research results, completed a provincial project (Sichuan Province Social Science Research “13th Five-Year Plan” 2018 annual project: Research on the supply path of public fitness service for the poor rural areas of Sichuan under the background of targeted poverty alleviation) and a municipal project (Mianyang Philosophy and Social Science Research Planning Project: Cultivation of Minors’ Positive Psychological Quality), published three SCI journals: 1) Pregnancy Activity Levels and Impediments in the Era of COVID-19 Based on the Health Belief Model: A Cross-Sectional Study; 2)A Comparison of Functional Features of Chinese and US Mobile Apps for Pregnancy and Postnatal Care: A Systematic App Store Search and Content Analysis; 3)Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Relationship between Actual Exercise Intensity and Rating of Perceived Exertion in the Overweight and Obese Population.